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Sleeping Baby certified sleep consultant

Gentle Guidance &
Confident Support

for simply better sleep

for all of you

Nurture your child's innate sleep ability

If you’re here then it’s likely you crave more restful nights and predictable days.
In truth, part of you is already on your way to having them.

With Simply Babies, you’ll get gentle guidance and confident support as you

learn your child’s sleep and developmental needs,

and implement a customized sleep plan created just for you.

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Sleep Training can help you with:

  • Overnight Wakings

  • Weaning Nighttime Feedings

  • Sleep Regressions

  • Naps and Nap Transitions 

  • Cosleeping - Bed Sharing Transitions

  • Toddler to Big Bed Transition

Sounds good, but want to learn more?​

Meet Melissa

Before my daughter was even born, I wanted to learn everything there was to be a "good" parent. I looked to friends who loved being parents and do you know their secret? Sleep! Yes, Sleep IS the Cheat Code to Parenting! It takes the parent to the next level of calm, confidence, and presence and it takes your child to the next level of happiness and well-being. Though I had the sleep resources and knowledge (I read everything), I craved the help of a sleep consultant to help me wean my baby's nightly feeds and get her sleeping through the night before I returned to the classroom.


As a former teacher, I love creating relationships with families and getting to know their child(ren). As a sleep consultant, I give you the space to learn and a personalized step-by-step process to follow to help your child get the sleep they need. 

Ready to level up your parenting and

focus on the fun of it? Let's do it together!

Certified sleep consultant Melissa
Sleeping Baby-min.jpeg

From waking every 1-3 hours to sleeping 12 hours a night

Melissa is AMAZING! I was crying almost every day for a month straight when I remembered she had told me about her sleep services after my first. I reached out to her, and that night I instantly felt a sense of relief even though we had not gotten started yet. She is understanding and comforting. She asks questions to help better understand your child and creates a plan that feels perfectly made for your baby. She lets you ask lots of questions throughout the whole process, and has a way of making you feel like everything will be okay and you are doing it right. The plan she proposes is gentle, where you still feel confident your baby is safe and loved. My baby boy went from waking every 1-3 hours to sleeping 12 hours a night! Melissa is the best!

- Mom, 3.5 month old boy

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Need help with multiples? 
Check out my Multiples Package!
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